Kura, Wilford & Schregardus Co., L.P.A.

10/10/2016 3:49:51 PM Congratulations to KWS client Jason Garrard for being acquitted on September 26th, of all charges at trial in Franklin County Municipal Court by Judge Pollitt!
7/27/2016 12:58:34 PM Red Banner Day ! Three KWS clients were ordered released from prison today, in three separate cases! At a hearing in Union County Common Pleas Court, Scott Brofford was released on a grant of judicial release by Union County Judge David Faulkner, after having served two years on his four year prison term imposed for Felonious Assault. At her own hearing, KWS client Linda Sword was granted judicial release, after serving 4 ½ years of a seven year prison term imposed on her conviction for Deception to Obtain Dangerous Drugs and Drug Trafficking. Finally, Willis Williams was granted a projected release date of 07/01/2017 by the Ohio Parole Board on a condition of completing a reintegration program. Willis has served 37 years imposed on his consecutive (life) prison terms for Aggravated Murder and Attempted Murder imposed in separate Cuyahoga County cases. After receiving a five year flop at his parole hearing in 2014, Willis was granted a re-hearing in November, 2015, where a majority of the Board recommended parole subject to an Open Board hearing. At the Open hearing, due to a lack of family resources, Willis’ case was presented by Ohio Public Defender Kandra Roberts, where his release was opposed by the Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney and victim's representatives. We wish the best for all three of these KWS clients, and their families.

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