Kura, Wilford & Schregardus Co., L.P.A.

4/15/2015 4:38:34 PM KWS client Kristopher Tarrance was returned to parole supervision at a parole revocation hearing held at Lorain Correctional Institution. On parole from a felonious assault, Kris was charged with failing to notify his parole officer about his change of address and failing to report to his parole officer for several months. Based upon those violations of parole, his parole officer recommended revocation of his parole and return to prison to resume serving the remainder of his sentence. Per the order of Parole Board Member Marc Houk, Kris Tarrance will be released to a halfway house and restored to supervision.
4/1/2015 5:34:08 PM On 03/26/2015, the 10th District Court of Appeals vacated the sentence imposed on KWS client Gianna Cochran in 2014 by the Franklin County Common Pleas Court. The sentence imposed after Gianna’s trial in 2011 was vacated in a successful appeal by Sarah Schregardus in 2013, and remanded to the trial court for re-sentencing. This appeal was the second time that KWS has successfully challenged Gianna’s sentencing as contrary to law. Due to the complexity of the legal issues regarding changes in the law regarding the proper applicable sentence, Gianna’s case will now be appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio for further review.

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